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The City of Alpharetta cannot legally restrict solicitation on private property unless the resident of that property: (1) posts a "No Solicitation" sign on the property; (2) completes a "No Solicitation Registry Request Form" and files it with the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety; or (3) otherwise advises a person engaged in the act of solicitation to leave the property and the solicitor refuses to leave the premises.

If you would like to have your property added to the "No Solicitation Registry" that is maintained by the Department of Public Safety and provided by the department to each individual or organization that secures a solicitation permit from the City of Alpharetta, please complete this form and return it to: Alpharetta Department of Public Safety ATTN: No Solicitation Registry 2565 Old Milton Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30009

Please understand that certain religious, veteran, political, and non-profit groups do have the legal right to solicit. Further, you can give express permission for certain individuals or organizations to enter you property for the purpose of soliciting.


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